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Here a park. There a park. Everywhere a park park.

There are so many beautiful parks and miles and miles of trails in Pleasanton.  There are several parks within five minutes of our house and jogging and biking trails crisscross the city.  Have I mentioned the weather is glorious?  It’s perfect for bike riding.  When we ask the kids how they like California, the first thing they always say is that they love the weather.  They’re outdoors so much more than they ever have been.  There aren’t any bugs or mosquitos, there’s no humidity and NO POLLEN!!!!  I feel like they have the freedom here that I had when I was a kid.  They take off on their bikes and generally do a great job of coming home at the agreed upon time.  The overall environment of P-town is perfect for raising a family. 

Somehow we actually had last Saturday afternoon free.  It was a beautiful 72 degrees outside and I took the boys over to the playground on the edge of the neighborhood.  It’s so much easier now that Henry can ride a two-wheeler.

The swings are so cool!  They go really, really high, which allowed the kids to swing high enough for me to run under them.  Of course, I took my turn on the swing and had the leap of my life off of the swing.  I nearly landing on my face and had to break my fall with my hands on the curb, but it had to be a personal record.  It was so worth scraping up my hands!  Another Phil moment as Beth would say.

Next to the swings is a nice playground.  It’s not huge, but has some fun things to play on, like this sliding thing and twisty monkey bars.


I was really fired up about the seesaw. I’m sorry, I meant the kids were excited.  They insisted that I play on it with them and try to bounce them off.  I obliged.


There are also sand diggers and bouncy seats (or whatever they’re called).  Oscar really liked digging huge holes!  Michael struggled a bit with his cast on.




We took a back way home on the trails (Oscar called it a longcut, which is funny because I used to tell my Dad that all of the time!) and stopped at the playground that’s at the end of our street.  It’s pretty neat.  The sidewalks are painted like streets with stop signs, dividers, and one way turns.


There’s a little area that looks like a parking lot.  Henry had to back his bike into the spot (he calls it parallel parking).  Oscar and I were dying laughing at how serious Henry takes his parking.

High fiving while riding bikes around the “streets” didn’t work out so well for Oscar.

I’ve been enjoying the longer days and look forward to school ending in a couple of weeks.  This will give us more time to ride bikes as a family.  Now only if I can get Claire, I mean Beth, to jump off the swings with me.  We’ll have to post video of that on YouTube; it’s certain to go viral!


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