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A four year old and a BMX park. What could possibly go wrong?

Last weekend, the kids and I rode our bikes over to the BMX park in town.  It’s about a 3-4 mile ride (I had no idea it was this far when we told Michael he could go the first time) to the west side of town.  I don’t think I’ve ever been to a BMX park before and when I saw it, I immediately worried for all of the kids.  I was fairly certain that if there was one of these near my house when I was growing up, I would have had way too many broken bones.  It looked pretty intimidating at first, but then you see an 8 year old fly up in the air and you feel better, knowing that there’s no way your kids could get air like that.

Michael, being the great big brother nervous nelly that he is, insisted that Henry watch the other kids go first.  Here are videos of Oscar, Elizabeth, and Michael teaching Henry the course.

The older kids were so excited for Henry to go, but they were certain he was going to bite it.  After all, he’d only been riding a two-wheeler for a whole 22 days and there we are, taking him on a BMX course.  By this point in his nearly five years on Earth, Henry has insisted on being able to do everything that his siblings can do.  He didn’t disappoint.

The day goes on and the kids are having a great time.  The older three would occasionally take on some of the harder portions of the course; fortunately Henry stuck to the beginners route.  We were there for about an hour when Beth showed up to watch and take some video.  I was telling her how well Henry was doing.  He was fired up to show his momma how well he could do. 

I tried not to run down to his rescue, knowing that he was much more likely to get up and move along if we didn’t overreact.  Yet he laid there, strewn about, waiting for the EMT (a.k.a. his Dad) to arrive.  He landed right on his face and had a small scrape on his forehead and a bunch of dirt on his nose.  Henry went to the car with Beth to get cleaned up and to gather himself.  Shortly later he was back at it again.  He had a bunch of nice rides, then managed to crash again on the second set of humps, this time going over the handle bars.  It looked bad, yet Henry being Henry, when he got up he said “I had an epic fail!”

Every day since, Henry has been asking to go back.  Now that he has his new bike, on which he can go much faster, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea, but I won’t know unless we give it a shot.  Here are some shots from one of the most fun days we’ve had so far.  Look closely at the second to last picture and you’ll see a Band-Aid on Henry’s forehead from his first spill.


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