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The Super Friends & Two Napping Brothers

Part 1: The Super Friends Last time I wrote was just after Christmas. (The ode to Beth didn't work by the way.) The kids got several DVDs for Christmas, but our DVD player was broken. Michael & I went to Best Buy on Saturday to buy a new one that was recommended by The Boss (a.k.a. Christie Davis). Michael had also been watching some DVDs of old, old Superman cartoons the past few weeks, so Beth and I decided to get him a Super Friends DVD. Yes, this is the Super Friends that we all watched as kids. Now the big thing is for Michael to dress up like Superman and Elizabeth to dress up like Wonder Woman. Here is the evidence. Please don't cry from laughing too hard at Elizabeth's get up (if you want the full effect, click on the picture and view it @ 100%). Oh, my belt apparently makes a good Magic Lasso. Part 2: Two Napping Brothers The kids were pretty wound up and whiny this afternoon. Even Oscar, who is always a sweetheart (like his Daddy), had to have a couple of tim

Em dep lam!!!

She is: - very beautiful (em dep lam) - gentle - warm-hearted - a wonderful mother - a loving wife - caring - thoughtful - selfless - going to kill me for this - my wife!!!