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Musings from Day 1 Trip 2

It's not as hot in Saigon as I remember the last time. It must have been the humidity last time that made it feel so stuffy. Tonight when I left the office, it was actually very pleasant; I don't even think I broke a sweat. I'm also convinced that I handle jet lag better by not sleeping on the plane. On the 14 hour flight from Atlanta to Tokyo, I slepy maybe 1 hour, then from Tokyo to Saigon, maybe another hour. I did nearly finish my first book of the trip. I'm reading " The President's Assassin " by Brian Haig. It's a great book if you're looking for something to read. Actually, all the books I have links to are pretty good. Also, the Ambien really messed me up last night; I think I got dillusional. I was looking at the picture of the kids on my desktop and I swear they were moving. Really, really strange. That's the last time I'll use Ambien. The team here has pretty much doubled since December (at least it seems that way).

Travel Tip for Upgrades

My trip to Vietnam was booked through a travel agent and she has to book a special type of ticket in order for me to get upgraded. It has always been my assumption that I would use miles to get upgraded. Well, when I went to Vietnam in December, I was upgraded, but Delta never took the miles. So, I get to the airport Monday morning and my upgrades have already been confirmed both directions. I made a blunder and asked if I would have access to the Business Elite lounge. This prompted the ticket agent to review my ticket and it turns out that they weren't going to take miles again...until she review the ticket and noticed it. Bottom line...if you get upgraded, just accept it and move on, you might get to keep your miles.

Puppet Show

It's kind of become a tradition by default now, but I think for the past 2 or 3 years when Beth has been involved with the consignment sale for our twins club I have taken the kids to a puppet show at the Center for Puppetry Arts in downtown Atlanta. This year we went to see The Tortoise & the Hare & More . The show started with one of the performers coming out as a cruise director and telling us what we were going to see, but then came a violent thunderstorm (which none of the kids liked - too scary for them). The two performers ended up being shipwrecked on an island with nothing but their puppets. They told the stories of The Fox & the Grapes, The Lion & the Mouse, City Mouse/Country Mouse, and The Tortoise & the Hare. I would highly recommend this to anyone. The kids have loved every puppet show they have been to. After the show we went in the shop and each of the kids picked out a hand puppet. Oscar picked out Oscar the Grouch (of course), E