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United 93 *****

I saw United 93 tonight. I agree with many of the initial reviews that as a country, maybe we were not ready for this film. But on the other hand, I am glad I saw it and I highly recommend it. I was shocked, horrified, and terrified, but I also learned a lot. It provided me with a sense of closure, but it also brought me back to that day. I was thinking about how I could put what I saw into words, but I read a review that sums it up perfectly. This comes from IMDB. ------------------- Gutwreching, Powerful and Repsectful "Never has a movie stunned me as much as 'United 93.' I was literally shaking during the final minutes of the film. Even though I knew the outcome I tried to fight it. I kept yelling under my voice 'come on guys, PUSH PUSH..., KEEP FIGHTING.' But unfortunately none of us can escape the eventual tragedy. When I walked out of the theater, I felt like I felt on that dreadful day of September 11th, 2001...Numb. Paul Greengrass's film in

What a busy week!!!

The last 10 days or so have been a complete blur. Friday - 5/12: Michael and I went to the State Championship Game for our local high school soccer team (they lost 0-1). Sunday - 5/14: Mother's Day brunch at Bentwater Golf Club. That's where this great picture was taken. The kids were very well behaved (phew!). Monday - 5/15: Took Michael, Jack (Michael's friend), and John (Jack's dad) to a Braves game. We left after 5 innings though because it was pretty cold and the Braves were losing 5-1. Of course, they came back and won right after we left. Wednesday - 5/17: Soccer game (for me) at 7:30 pm then a conference call for work at 10 pm. Friday - 5/19: Beth left for a well-deserved weekend with the girls in Tennessee. The kids and me went to the Silver Comet Trail for a picnic lunch and a long bike ride. We then stopped to play soccer (Michael's request, honest) on the way home. This picture was taken at our picnic lunch. Oscar said he was tired so he la

Maybe I really DO have OCD

Many of you know then when I get interested in something, I tend to go a little overboard with my involvement. I played tennis 3-4 times a week for a few years when I first moved to Atlanta. I quit tennis about 3 years ago when the captain of the team I was on refused to play me in the state championship. Let's just say I got completely disinterested. After tennis, I renewed my obsession for golf. It got worse than it ever was. When I started traveling for work in August though, I made a commitment to cut back on my just takes too long and if I'm not at home during the week, it's not right for me to be gone on the weekends too. What's my new obsession and why is my OCD back out of control? Futbol, I mean soccer. Two things led me to this. (1) Michael started playing this spring and I volunteered to coach...if you call what I do coaching. This will come as a shock too...I created a team website for a U5 soccer team. What is wrong with me? (2) When I was in

Soccer with the Kids

Michael is really into soccer right now, so I'm trying to feed his enthusiasm. We watch Arsenal whenever they are on TV. Our local high school, Harrison, is in the state playoffs, so I took the kids last night. The game started at 8 PM, so this was a special night for the kids since they got to stay up so late. They behaved great and there was only one incident -- Elizabeth fell down four rows of bleachers, but she's just fine. They got to bed around 10:30 PM. Harrison was down 0-2 early, but came back and won 3-2. It was a really good game. Hopefully their next game will be home so we can go again.