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Star Student

Michael was the 1st star student in his class last week. He was so excited when he found out and he really enjoyed the week's events. He had to make a poster about himself. It was so cute; he picked out baby pictures, family pictures, and, of course, soccer pictures. He also drew pictures all over about the family and his favorite activities. Over the course of the week, the class did several different activites focused on Michael, one of which was drawing pictures about Michael. His teacher, Mrs. Burgamy, is really terrific. We could not have asked for a better match for Michael's personality. The highlight of the week for me was getting to be the "mystery reader" on Friday. It's a big surprise to all of the kids in the class, but Michael's reaction was priceless. He was so excited I cannot even explain it. Maybe Mrs. Burgamy sums it up best. "After you left, he said that his heart was beating so hard when he saw you!" Too, too cute! W

when momma's away the kids will play

I recalling telling someone recently that it gets easier to be alone with the kids the older they get. I think I need to take that back, at least partially. Beth was at Dafuskie Island last weekend with two girlfriends, so I had the kids from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon. I normally don't get too stressed, but I felt like I was more on edge this past weekend. Friday after Michael was home from school, I took them to the "big red playground." The playground was an absolute zoo. We have never been there with more than 5 other kids, but I swear there were 30-40 there on Friday. Here's what irritates me, the parents don't even pay attention to the kids. I can't tell you how much that bugs me. Maybe that's what started to stress for me. Saturday, Michael had his 1st soccer game of the season. The whole team did great and I can't get over how much they have improved since last season. They really enjoy playing together. The best thing is, they a

Labor Day Weekend: A Reunion of Sorts

We had lots going on Labor Day weekend. I was able to get a flight back from St. Louis earlier in the afternoon Friday, so I was happy to get to see the kids before they went to bed. A good friend of ours from college was getting married and the weekend was planned around that. I was up early Saturday morning to play golf with my friend Sean. It's always fun to play with him. Ma and Big Daddy came to stay with the kids Saturday and part of Sunday. That gave Beth and I the chance to have all the fun we wanted at the wedding since we spent the night at the hotel. Adam and Bonnie both looked terrific (surprise, surprise). They had a beautiful wedding at the Marietta Conference Center and many of our friends from college were there. Here are some pictures . It's always fun to catch up with everyone and trade stories. Everyone from school is doing so well for themselves and there are babies popping up all over the place. We can't wait for Sean and Amy to tell us one

Bowling & Karaoke

#1 activity in Vietnam = Karaoke #2 activity in Vietnam = Bowling I was aware of #1, but not #2 until I planned a team event last week to welcome some team members to the US. For Lam, this is his 5th trip to the US, but for Dung, this was his 1st. I'm going to do my best to make their stay as memorable as possible. At bowling we split into 3 teams. The Business Analysts formed their own team and, surprise of all surprises, they analyzed every detail (i.e., they play really slowly). In contrast, it seemed at times as if the other two teams were in a contest to see who could play the most games and drink the most beer. Some obervations from bowling: Even though I'm not playing against my brother and sisters, I'm still ultra competitive. I'm sure that is not a shock to anyone. The ball is heavier than Hien. Two hours of bowling should be the max permitted by law. After bowling, some of us went to Harpo's for karaoke. This is a local joint that get

Gateway Arch and Riverboat Cruise

I've been working on a project in St. Louis for over a year now and a couple weeks ago was the first time I visited the Gateway Arch. I'm disappointed that I didn't do it sooner. I really need to go out and see the sights that St. Louis has to offer more often. One of our co-workers from Vietnam was scheduled to go back home, so we decided to plan a trip to the Arch and a riverboat dinner cruise on the Mississippi. It was terrific fun and it seemed like a fitting farewell for someone we all have grown fond of. Du deserved a big celebration. Du was given strict orders not to get engaged for at least one year upon his return to Vietnam. It seems all the men who come to the US get engaged or have another baby shortly after they return to Vietnam. I guess I'd miss my lady if I was gone for several months too. Here are some pictures from our event. Enjoy!