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1 Birthday + 2 Soccer Teams + 1 Trip to Vietnam = Chaos

Last weekend was a complete blur. Saturday morning Michael had a soccer game and it was darn near freezing. Thankfully the sun was out, so it didn't end up being too bad after all. The chaos started immediately after the game when we had to rush home, change, then rush to Michael's birthday party. We had it at Mountasia, which is a putt-putt/arcade joint. Most of Michael's soccer team made it to the party and a few friends from school. They all loved the putt-putt. We left there at about 2pm. Here are some pics . Saturday night, I had a make up soccer game (which we lost 3-1). We're a fantastic 1st half team, but for some reason we're getting into trouble late in the 2nd half of every game. Anyway, it's fun and it keeps me in shape. Sunday was Oscar's last soccer game for the fall. It's sad to see the season end. It was pretty tough on me at first since I am the only coach, but they boys ended up doing great, certainly much better than I expected. S

Scooby Doo and Friends

No, you are not seeing things. This is the entire family dressed up as Scooby Doo and the gang for Halloween. It was so much fun, the kids got way too much candy (I plan to eat ALL the peanut butter cups), and we got lots of compliments. Anyway, it's for the kids. Here are some more pics . I also know that I have been terrible about updating my blog lately. I will catch up at some point. My brother and his family were here over the weekend with my parents. I'm also headed back to Vietnam in less than 2 weeks. Lots to write about; I'll post soon.