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Michael - Before & After

Michael hasn't had a haircut since before school...until tonight. He kept insisting that he wanted to grow his hair, but it just got to be too wild. He has way too many cowlicks for his hair to ever look good long, and he's just not Michael without short hair. All it took was letting him take a bath on our jacuzzi tub. I really should have thought of that sooner. And yes, in case you are wondering, these ARE the same pajamas he had on Christmas day (and the day before that).

Christmas Day

The kids trying to keeps their hands off each other while their Mom takes the Christmas card picture The kids Christmas Tree (Santa wrapped most of the kids presents this year. It worked out great) The family Christmas tree The kids waiting patiently on the stairs. Michael was up before 6, but they didn't wake us until 7:15. They simply played football in their room instead, thinking that wouldn't wake us. The boys checking out Oscar's Pirate Ship Elizabeth with her new "couch," Ginger (the dog), and the horse Santa gave her; she named it Elizabeth

coke & lost teeth

One of the perks of working at CCE is that I get extremely discounted tickets to the New World of Coke . I never went to the old World of Coke located at the Underground in Atlanta, but there's no way it could have been anywhere near as good as the new one. It's right next to the Georgia Aquarium , which is a really neat place in its own right (if only Coke could get us discounted tickets there too). I took this kids this past Saturday and we had a blast. There are two really neat movies, lots of memorabilia, some really interesting stories about the history of Coke and how Coke has helped people around the world. Of course, though, the kids were most excited about sampling different Coke products from around the world at the end of the tour. There are over 70, yes 70, different drinks to try. Oscar was only interested in trying some of them, his favorites are all of the Fanta flavors. Elizabeth tried most of them, but I think she got sick of it after a while. And, as expected,

a hurricane came through the house and a new game

what can i say? elizabeth's room has been a complete disaster for the last couple of months. it all started when she got all of her stuff taken away. when she got it back, she unpacked it a little bit at a time and none of it found a home. so, she took it on her own to begin the clean up process. she did a pretty good job and was excited about the results. beth helped her finish the job today. most of the day yesterday (after getting all sugared up at dunkin donuts), oscar and elizabeth played birthday and school. almost all of the stuff you see in the pictures of elizabeth's room either ended up in the hallway or in our room. what a mess! oscar got into the school part and made a desk for "Big Bear," his favorite friend. before dinner, michael wanted to throw the football in the backyard. he can really throw a football too. perfect spirals every time. needless to say, his big daddy is really fired up about it. if michael doesn't want to play soccer next fall, may