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The Easter Bunny...Santa's Cousin

After three straight night of being up very late, we thought for sure the kids would sleep in on Easter Sunday, but nooooooo. I saw the light on in the boys' room at 6:45, peeked in on them, and they were sitting there playing chess. I suppose you can't get upset about that. Elizabeth woke up a bit later asking if the Easter Bunny came. This picture was taken after church, which we had to get there 30 minutes early and barely got a seat. For those of you expecting an Easter card, this is it. Oscar loves his YMCA toothbrush. Michael and his Blendy Pens. Elizabeth and her High School Musical microphone. She has since conducted interviews with a live audience that no one can see but her.

Indians vs Marlins

Today Michael's team played his friend David's team.  David and Michael played soccer together for 4 seasons and both decided to play baseball this spring.  They both thought it was so cool that they go to play each other. Michael hit the ball hard twice, but both were right at fielders.  He had a couple of nice plays in the outfield (his preferred position because he gets to run and throw the ball far) and most importantly, he's having a lot of fun.  Could that be because his Dad is NOT the coach?? Here are some more pictures from today's game.

Zoo Atlanta

Michael's class had a field trip this past Friday to Zoo Atlanta. I had the pleasure of chaperoning Michael and two of his friends. Believe it or not, all three boys were well behaved and weren't nearly as crazy as I expected them to be. Here are some more pictures from the trip. Fortunately the zoo was spared from the tornadoes that ripped through downtown Atlanta Friday night.