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Memaw & Henry

Memaw got to see Henry for the first time today. He loved her to death and gave her this cute little smile. Henry will be 1 month tomorrow. How time flies!

my new hat

I have to wear this thing for 3 days for some tests I'm having done. I can't shower, sweat or anything for 3 days. I'm really gonna stink come Monday.

Soccer Stars

Oscar & Elizabeth finished up soccer camp on Friday. Elizabeth has really gotten good. During the games at the end, the coach accused Oscar of diving (i.e., faking like he was taken out). Too funny! He does it all the time in games. It's like he gets shot. The arms go flailing and all. Elizabeth scoring Oscar & his buddies from his soccer team Album

Henry - 3 Week Portrait

My first attempt at portrait photography.  Henry slept the whole time, though it would have been nice to get some pictures with his eyes open.  Gives me a good excuse to do it again. Pictures

Henry's 1st Bath

Beth had lots of helpers with Henry. Michael has especially been looking forward to this. They all loved how good he smelled afterward. Elizabeth said he smelled so good she could eat him. Pictures

Pool Day

It was raining off and on today, but we had a break late in the afternoon. Good day to show off the muscles. Pictures

Beth or Henry: Who's gonna catch more flies?

I'm going to post all of Henry's pictures here as I take them.

Henry - 2 Weeks Old

So innocent and sweet. Henry is such a good baby.

Ode to Henry Russell

Ode to Henry Russell He's a happy happy baby With a happy happy smile Yes, he's a happy baby He's a happy child He's my little brother I know that he loves me We all called him Pedro And they call me O.D. He'll have a smile forever 'Cause he's a happy child And we'll have fun together As we walk each happy mile His name is Henry Russell Don't know where that came from But that doesn't matter 'Cause we're gonna have fun Yes he's a happy baby I'm as proud as I can be To have a baby brother And a happy family! Lyrics by: Oscar Music composed by: Big Daddy

Henry's 1 Week Old

Well, really he's 8 days old. Grandmom and Pop Pop are now in town for a visit. Everyone was so excited to see them. Mom did a great job of getting Henry to sleep today and she made some fabulous strawberry shortcake for dinner!

Swim Team Pictures

The Brookstone Barracudas

Henry - Day 2

Day 2 Pictures - Link Wonder Woman Proud Siblings Someone was excited to see Henry today The kids were all so excited to hold Henry Ma & Elizabeth discuss strategy