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Henry @ 3 months

We have decided that Henry looks just like Michael. There is a picture on our bookshelves that looks exactly like this picture. Here's another one of our favorites. Link to all of the pictures

Flo Rida - Low

The kids absolutely love this song. It cracks us up every time they sing it, especially when they sing "Shawty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low." Just picture Oscar singing it and you'll laugh. The song gets stuck in your head really easy, so be careful.

Georgia Picture Day

Saturday was picture day at UGA.  Since the Bulldogs are #1, all the freaks (or maybe it's the rednecks) came out. Oscar & Big Daddy walking to Sanford Stadium. Oscar wanted #24 for Knowshon Moreno. Michael & Matt Cerione. Matt is the centerfielder for Georgia. Michael watched all of their post-season games and knows most of their names (though he did call this Matt by the name of the rightfielder, Matt Olson). Michael would have stayed there and asked them questions all day. He had the biggest grin on his face. Sanford Stadium (minus 95,000 fans) Oscar & Knowshon. This is as closed as we could have gotten to the running backs. The line for the running backs was several hours long. All we wanted was for Michael to meet Matthew Stafford, but it didn't quite work out that way. We arrived at 1pm, 2 hours before the players arrived. The players signed autographs for 2 hours. So, we waited a bit over 4 hrs so that Michael could meet Matthew Stafford. W

Rockies Game

Tonight, Jeff, Sy and I sat in the 21st row right behind home plate.  In the 8th inning I was coming back down from the boys' room and a foul ball came my way.  It hit right near this lady and rolled to her left.  I literally dove across a row of seats.  Just as I went to grab the ball some guy's fat mitt grabbed it.  He had the top 3/4 of the ball and I had the bottom 1/4.  He won.  Oh well, 1 ball in 3 games is still pretty sweet. Pictures

Skybox Seats

Tonight I got to sit in the skybox of the Astros' VP of Broadcasting.  Apparently Coke gets invited whenever they want.  I got to go down to the 3rd row seats as well; stayed there for a couple of innings to get some pictures. Pictures Me in the skybox From the skybox Strikeouts are boring. They're Fascist. Throw some ground balls, it's more Democratic. -- Bull Durham

My first game ball

Tonight I went to the Astros game.  3rd row behind the Astros' dugout; simply unbelievable seats.  Here are the pictures . Their 1st base coach is Jose Cruz , who was a huge star for the Astros when I was growing up.  A ball was rolled off the field after an inning, Jose picked it up, I called his name, and he toss it into the crowd.  To my surprise he had autographed it as well. Michael will be so excited!  I can't wait to go back Tuesday night; same seats!

Media Interview

I was interviewed last week about a major release of Tableau , visual analytics software I use.  They had their 4.0 release last week and the first articles are coming out today.  It's pretty neat getting interviewed. Article

And they're off!

And Beth took a deep breath and said "I'm going back to bed."  School has officially begun.

No more training wheels

Elizabeth got back from Athens after lunch today and the first thing she asked me was to help her learn to ride her bike without training wheels. I helped her for maybe 15-20 minutes, then she says "Dad, am I ready to go by myself now?" So, she gives it a shot and she did remarkably well. She never fell, was able to start going herself and within 30 minutes was riding down the street, around the cul-de-sac and back up. She was even popping bubbles with her gum. Pictures Oscar stood around and complained about not getting to play video games. Michael wanted in on the action too. He was really proud of Elizabeth.

Michael & Henry

With Elizabeth visiting Athens this weekend, Michael gets Henry all to himself. I was holding Henry this afternoon and Michael comes in the room, wraps the boppy seat around himself, then says "Dad, let me hold him." I sat Henry up and put his head on Michael's shoulder. After about 15 minutes, Michael had him asleep. It made me feel so good. He is so good with Henry.

Jumping off the back of the couch is never good

Oscar sometimes thinks that he's really Batman.  Sometimes that means climbing up on the back of the couch and jumping off.  This sometime, he lost his balance and, kablam, a broken elbow.  He was excited though that his cast matches his backpack. It comes off in 3 weeks.  I have a call in to DFACS to check in on the kids the next time I'm out of town.

From NY to Baltimore

Surprisingly little traffic driving from NY to Baltimore this evening.  It only took 4 hours.  Some pictures I took on the way. George Washington Bridge Bikers crossing the George Washington Bridge Delaware Memorial Bridge

Family trip to Destin

This is our 5th year in a row going to Destin. This year we only went for a long weekend, so we stayed at the Embassy Suites in Miramar Beach. We had a great time, despite the windy conditions and occasional thunderstorms. Michael, Oscar and Elizabeth had a great time and got to sleep in the same bed. Henry was a trooper and was super easy. He's a happy, happy baby with a happy, happy smile. The obligatory family photo on the beach What stinks? Oscar in solitude - probably sucking on his bottom lip Beth & Henry Pictures

So what is it that you actually do?

Beth asks me this all of the time, so I thought I would share some of the stuff I have been working on lately. I work as the manager of our forecasting process and tools. Basically, I make process recommendations, train people on the process, and track the execution of the process. In the execution area, I have been learning a lot about business intelligence. This is a very exciting time for me as I explore this field. I even actually get to use my degree somewhat! Lately I have been working with a software vendor by the name of Tableau Software . Tableau is a product that provides quick visual analysis to allow its users to make quick, informed decisions without having to scan spreadsheets for the answers. Tableau is my tool of choice for business intelligence. Some stuff that I have been up to: DM Review magazine article -- Link CRM Today webinar -- Link Tableau Customer Conference (invited speaker) -- Link Business Intelligence Perspectives Conference (invited speaker) --