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Gas Shortage

There has been a gas shortage in Atlanta ever since Hurricane Ike. $4.19 is a decent price, there is no end in sight and lines have been very long at any gas station that actually has gas. People are waiting hours for gas and then the stations are running out. Gas trucks are being followed to their delivery locations. Fortunately there is Sam's Club. The one of my way to work has a gas station that is kind of hidden. I've been able to pull in there over the last couple of weeks and fill up without a wait. Don't tell anyone!


Last night, Michael finally let me cut his hair. He asked if he could take a bath in our jacuzzi tub if we let him...that was an easy sale. When I wanted to take his picture, he was great about it as long as he got to make fart noises with his arm pit. Such a boy! I'm sure Ma and Big Daddy will be happy.

Tree Swing

The kids wanted to see how high they could go. They had to be a good 20 feet off the ground. This is how Michael broke his arm 2 years ago. From Tree Swing From Tree Swing From Tree Swing

Another photo walk in Vegas

Beth would never make it out of here From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 Excalibur Hotel & Casino From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 Rouge Lounge at the MGM Grand From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 New York New York Hotel & Casino From Las Vegas - Sept 2008

Baseball in the driving rain

Michael had a game on Monday night.  It was absolutely pouring a couple of innings in, but they played on.  The boys loved it.  Michael was so dirty.  I made him sit on a trash bag in my car. At one point I had to go get Michael a drink.  I went while they were in the field, figuring I wouldn't miss anything.  Well, apparently right before I got back Michael made a diving catch in the infield then tagged a runner out going back to third for an unassisted double play.  Of course he would do that while I'm gone.  Ugh! I promise this picture is not from the previous game. You can tell he watched too much baseball on TV.oregon park From OP Baseball - 09152008 He's really starting to have some good form. From OP Baseball - 09152008

Photo Walk - Las Vegas

Back in Vegas for a 1 day meeting.  I decided to go for a walk tonight. From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 From Las Vegas - Sept 2008 From Las Vegas - Sept 2008

AC Milan Team Picture

Today was picture day. From AC Milan - Fall 2008 Game 2

Fall ball

Fall baseball started a couple weeks ago. Michael is having a lot of fun. He's been praised by his coach for the improvement he has shown since the spring. Tonight he went 4 for 5 with a double. He's starting to hit the ball hard...makes me feel so good. He's been watching a lot of baseball on TV From OP Baseball - 09112008 Loading up the power From OP Baseball - 09112008 Michael and his friend David. They have known each other for a few years now. They used to play soccer together. Some bozo jumped into the picture. From OP Baseball - 09112008

AC Milan's Star Player

Today was the first weekend of fall soccer. This year Oscar & Elizabeth play at separate times so I finally got to watch Elizabeth play a whole game. She played terrific! She scored 4 goals in their second game and is really doing well at dribbling and especially passing. Getting ready for a goal kick..very focused Getting some kudos from Coach Leslie Album

My Favorite Pictures of Henry

These pictures are from an impromptu photo shoot we did with Henry last weekend.  The new version of Picasa has some really neat collage capabilities.  This was my first attempt using it.

Hurricane Tracking

Last night while Beth and I were watching coverage of Gustav, I had an idea to use Tableau to create a map of the hurricane paths based on the type of hurricane and the intensity. Tableau is the software that I have been using at work for business intelligence. I also had the opportunity back in July to speak at their conference . An yes, I know I have issues.