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We spent Thanksgiving over in Athens with Beth's family. Ma and Memaw prepared a terrific meal and we all ate way too much. Album Beth's Uncle Bob was there with his two kids. Our kids had lots of fun playing with them. The kids passed way too much times playing on the DS. Meanwhile Henry was bored. November??

It was in the low 20s at night the past few days. We saw these icicles when we dropped Michael off at a friend's house on Saturday. Their neighborhood left their sprinklers on overnight.

Elizabeth the Photographer

Elizabeth loves to take pictures with our old camera. I took the card out the other day and found about 150 pictures on it. I'm always fascinated by how kids see the world. She had just gotten her toe nails painted.

Hawaii Sharks

The boys, well really Michael, have a football game every Sunday in the backyard. They made up names and numbers which are pinned to their shirts and they made logos to tape onto the helmets. Oscar wears shoulder pads and it's tackle on the kickoff, but after that they are on the same team. They call themselves the Hawaii Sharks, which is a team they, i.e., Michael, created on Madden Football.

Oscar's Best Friend

Ethan and Oscar first met when they were playing on the same U5 soccer team almost 3 yrs ago. They go to separate schools, hardly see each other, but they talk about each other quite often. Every time they do get to play, they pick up where they left off. I wouldn't be surprised if they are friends for a very long time.

Thrashers Game

Last night I took the kids to the Thrashers game. This is the 1st hockey game that the kids have been to. The Thrashers won 3-2.


I got Oscar & Elizabeth all riled up tonight. I got them in the mood to wrestle each other. Elizabeth won. From Kid's Pictures From Kid's Pictures From Kid's Pictures

Henry's Baptism

Henry was baptized today. Grandmom and Pop Pop came down from PA to watch their 13th grandchild get baptized. Ma, Big Daddy, Memaw, and Aunt Jules came over from Athens. From Henry's Baptism We are so excited to have Christie and Rutledge as Henry's Godparents. From Henry's Baptism From Henry's Baptism From Henry's Baptism

Henry's 1st Cereal

At first, Henry didn't care for the rice cereal so much, but he ended up taking a few bites. Gotta love the mohawk!

Dad & Henry

Mom & Dad are in town for Henry's baptism. Dad was making Henry laugh and fortunately I had my camera with me.

My Model

I got a new flash this week and have been reading up on how to use it. Beth was kind enough to model for me. She's pretty hot!

Team Party

Oscar's soccer team party was tonight. This is the crazy bunch that I coach. While Oscar's team played, Michael worked on his playbook with David. David used to be on the same soccer team as Michael and they played on the same baseball team this fall. From Real Madrid Soccer Party The party concluded when I spilled a HUGE glass of sweet tea on Elizabeth. She was soaked head to toe. I think she might be a bit upset with me.

Happy Birthday Michael!

It's not quite his birthday yet, but his party was today after school. The kids have off tomorrow for Election Day so the party went from 5-9pm. They played kickball, baseball, football, soccer, and then football again. I was in charge of providing the entertainment. From Michael's 8th Birthday From Michael's 8th Birthday From Michael's 8th Birthday

Football Postgame

The boys played a football game outside today and set up this locker room to change after the game. They even hung their clothes in their lockers and had a post-game review of the plays they ran. You can see the playbook in Oscar's locker.



Michael was Obi-Wan Kenobi, Oscar was Anakin Skywalker, Elizabeth was Princess Buttercup and Henry was Tigger. From Halloween 2008

Another Soccer Saturday

Elizabeth played great this weekend.  I finally got a chance to take some pictures of Oscar, but that was only because he was playing goalie for the team Elizabeth was playing. From AC Milan - Fall 2008 Game 8