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Philly Tour

I took a horse and buggy tour with my friend Liz on Monday. I always find it very interesting to learn about the history of Philadelphia. More Pictures

1st Day in PA

Everyone got together at my Mom and Dad's house Saturday night. Needless to say, it was crazy. It's always so nice when the whole family gets together. More pictures in my Christmas album .

Some Christmas Highlights

Unhappy Santa Baby

One more I forgot to post. Gotta love that lip.

Big Blue Eyes

I've been having trouble getting the color just right on my camera to show off Henry's eyes. I received some tips and wanted to try them out on the model. He's been very patient with his father.

Five more day 'til Christmas

We went to church today to get our family picture done for the church directory. Since the kids were dressed decently, I wanted to catch them while I could. Beth then wanted me to take a few of Henry in his Santa hat.

Oscar's Big Week

Oscar has had a lot of positive things happen to him this week. Monday we received a note that he had tested into the target program at our school (gifted). Elizabeth didn't seem to bothered: "It's too much work." Michael went from proud to jealous to proud to jealous to proud... Then yesterday, Oscar figured out how to solve two sides of the Rubik's cube. He screamed when he figured it out again today. Michael was very proud of his little brother.

Helping Mom make cookies

Oscar helped Beth prepare for her cookie exchange tomorrow night. He really loves to help. Chopping nuts and adding more Telling Elizabeth how it's done

Sharks vs Saints

The Hawaii Sharks beat the New Orleans Saints 17-16 to maintain their undefeated record.  The Saints tried an 80 yard field goal with 2 seconds left.  It had plenty of distance, but missed just wide right. Oscar Kriebel was the MVP for the Sharks. He scored a long touchdown run on the 1st play of the game, passed for another touchdown, and kicked a field goal and an extra point. Team pictures Oscar's pre-game stretches (double Oscar) Pre-game warm up Checking the wristband for the play Play #2 - Half back trap left

Henry's Morning

Easy peasy Dad!

He continues to whip my butt when we have a contest.

Posing Singer

Elizabeth had another performance of the holiday show tonight at church. She asked me if she could pose for a picture.

More Henry...What a cutie!

Michael & Me

I rarely post pictures of myself, but I wanted to share this one. I took Michael to his long-time friend's birthday party yesterday. Jack's mom took this picture.

Meet me at the manger

Elizabeth sung in the choir at church today. She was singing really loud and was into all of the movements. We're so proud!

Henry & Mom

I think Henry is getting tired of me taking so many pictures of him, but at least we'll have his life well documented.

Henry & the Boppy


This can't be a good sign for winter

Do oil prices really have a direct correlation to the price of gold?

I know all of you think I'm a bit of a dork. Well, ok, maybe a big dork. I read an article in Forbes recently about what really impacts gold prices. I had heard that oil prices are correlated to the value of the dollar (which can be measured by the Consumer Price Index), but Forbes only looked at gold. I analyzed both. It was published on the software vendor's website ( Tableau ). Tableau made me sound really good is the write up . I love this kind of stuff!