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Learning to play with the jungle

Henry started playing with one of his new toys from Santa a couple days ago, but we think Oscar was even more excited. He really likes playing with Henry's toys. He plays with Henry differently than the other two. He plays quietly, talks to Henry with this really cute high pitched voice, and shows him how to play with the toys. Meanwhile the other two pick him up, give him strawberries on his belly and tickle him to death.

Baseball Tryouts

It's January 24th and Michael had baseball tryouts. Yes, that's right, baseball in January. Practice starts in 2 weeks. Pictures Oh, I got roped into coaching t-ball. I really wanted a season off from coaching, but they were 7 coaches short.

Proud to be an American

Pre-Church Photo Op

The kids looked really cute this morning in their church clothes, so they were gracious enough to let me take their picture. They don't complain any more, especially when Henry is in the picture.

Governor Perdue visits CCE

Today the EPA presented CCE with the Southeast Diesel Collaborative Leadership Award to recognize CCE's efforts to reduce emissions. (Thanks AJC for writing it up for me!) Governor Perdue was in attendance. He's shorter and rounder than I expected. I stopped him to introduce myself and take a picture with him. But the picture turned out completely blurry...ugh! Either way, it was pretty cool to meet him in person. I told him that the kids didn't know who he was so I told them he was like the President of Georgia. He got a kick out of that. Pictures The award (Michael would love this trophy!) Our CEO, John Brock

Mother Hen and the Apple Eater

I was taking some pictures of Henry today for an apple-themed photo challenge and Elizabeth insisted I get a picture of her with Henry. She truly is our Mother Hen. As always, Henry was a great model. He seemed to really like chewing on the apple.


The boys watching the Eagles beat the Giants 23-11. On to the NFC Championship!


While the rest of us play Wii Fit, Henry... ...rolls over ...smiles at his accomplishment ...then rests.

The Kriebel Clan

This is me with my brother and sisters before I even arrived. Dave is the talented artist.

Snow Day

Thursday night the kids spent another night at Dave and Sue's house. Oscar never made it out of his pajamas on Thursday. It snowed on Friday, but melted away just a couple of hours lately. The kids were all crying when they had to say goodbye to all of their cousins on Friday night. Snow day pictures The kids all made snow angels. Henry & his Momma enjoyed the snow as well And they got to explore the woods.

New Year's Day

Uncle Dave can do no wrong in Michael's eyes. Yesterday they played football twice in the freezing cold outside. Emma and Dave played Michael and me in the nightcap. Pictures Oscar and Charlie played with the Mr. Sandbox. Meanwhile, Henry took a nap.

New Year's Eve

We spent New Year's Eve at Dave's house with the Conners and Mom & Dad. The kids loved banging the pots and pans outside. Michael got to play some football at night in the freezing weather (9 degree wind chills)...Oscar played too. Pictures

Valley Forge

We took the kids and Liz on a tour of Valley Forge on Tuesday. We listened to an audio CD that guided us through the tour. The kids had a blast. After all, they got to run as much as they wanted. I think their highlight was the log cabins that the soldiers slept in. More pictures