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Brothers in Stripes

When I came home today, I realized the boys were wearing pretty much the same clothes. Somehow no one else noticed it all day. Of course, I can't miss a photo-op these days.

Henry Portraits

I had a project today to create a black & white portrait. Not surprisingly, Henry was my subject. He continues to smile every time he sees the camera...he's turning into a bit of a ham.

Kriebel Invasion - Day 3 - Kennesaw Mountain

Picture from the hike The kids at the top of the mountain. Oscar brought his own camera. He was so cute asking if he could take pictures when we would stop. Dad struggled a bit, but he made it. The kids insisted on walking way ahead most of the time. I was carrying Henry on the way down and he kept leaning his head back, then about 15 minutes from the end, he fell asleep.

Kriebel Invasion - Day 2 - Swift Cantrell Park

Today we spent a few hours at Swift Cantrell Park in Kennesaw. The kids had a great time and, as always, Dave got to act like a 7 yr old. We all played tag on the playground, but the funniest part was when Dave went do a slide, got up to run away, then his feet went right out from under him and he fell right on his face. All of the other parents at the playground were laughing. Today were going to hike to the top of Kennesaw Mountain Lots of pictures in the Album.

Kriebel Invasion - Day 1 - In the Backyard

Dave's family arrived on Friday and the kids are loving it already. Dad loved bowling on the Wii and had Dave and I up playing until 1 AM. Ski jump was a favorite too. Album Dave's kids loved the tree swing. I'm not sure Sue would have liked how high they were, especially when George was holding on with one hand so that his hat wouldn't fall off. This was Henry's first time on the swing in a while too. Believe it or not, but ice cream was a hit around 10pm.

Johnny Jumper

I've been off for 2 days now, so I'm getting lots of chances to take pictures of Henry. I'm not sure if Beth or Henry are more happy that I am home, but I think Beth is since I'm running all of her "errands" for her.


Of course I didn't have my camera with me when this rainbow appeared today, so this is taken with my cell phone. I nearly ALWAYS have my camera with me...that'll teach me. Regardless, it was simply beautiful!

Henry in his crib

Beth took some pictures yesterday...these are the first pictures we have of him in the crib. There is also a video below that Beth took; Michael makes an appearance.

Wiggly Tooth

Elizabeth's has been working on this tooth for days. We're not sure how it's hanging on.

Henry @ Play

Just looking at this picture makes me want to go wake him up so I can squeeze him. He smiles every time he sees the camera now.

Football with Big Daddy

Nary a visit from Big Daddy goes by without a few plays in the cul-de-sac.

Roller Skaters

Oscar saw Elizabeth trying out her roller skates again and asked her if he could try them. So, here he is in Elizabeth's purple roller skates.

Splish Splash

The tub Henry was in was full when he started, and at least half empty when he got done with it. Album