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Portrait Practice

I read a book today about taking portraits and wanted to try out some of the techniques. It sure is fun to practice with such a cute subject! The theme of the day was reading too.

Hi Daddy!

As soon as he saw the camera, he sat up and smiled. He loves having his picture taken.

Toweling Off

I remember taking pictures of the other kids in their hoodie towels. Henry brings back so many memories. He is truly a gift from God!

Sky High Crane

This crane was at our building preparing for putting a new HVAC system on the roof. My office is on the 15th floor and it was way,way higher than that.

Opening Day - Baseball

March 7th and baseball has already started. I would have died for this as a kid. Oscar had a great first t-ball game. He hit the ball hard and made a couple of good plays in the field. Michael had a terrific game. He got on base 3 times and hit the ball every time he was up. He played really great in the field. He made 2 key plays in the last inning...tough grounders to third that he fielded perfectly and fired the ball over to first. He did so well he got the game ball. They tied 14-14.

Opening Day - Soccer

Today was Elizabeth's first soccer game for the spring. Pictures

Getting ready for opening day

Baseball season starts tomorrow. Oscar wanted to get in some last minute practice on the pitch back. Pictures

He's too cute not to show him off

Splish, splash, I'm takin' a bath!

Hi Mom! Hi Dad! I can make big splashes! And I can turn around backwards! Sometimes I just smile. And sometimes I need to see how you look sideways.

Big Fat Flakes

We're getting some big fat flakes today. It's coming down hard and it's coming down fast. The kids went out for about 15 minutes before their hands and toes were frozen. It's very slushy; hopefully it won't ice up overnight. Album