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Pretty Princess


Sometimes they are more like best friends than brother, sister, and twins.

Has it really been 365 days?

When I started this journey a year ago, I had serious doubts that I would make it. I'm glad I did; I have learned so much along the way. I almost feel like I take photographs now, not just pictures. Know what I mean? Where should I go from here? Any ideas? I know I'm going to stick with the photo challenge group on Flickr through the year. They give such great feedback and inspiration. a year in pictures (my blog)

AC Milan

My first attempt at team pictures. Elizabeth sure is cute.

Tree Stump Grinder

All of the work on the trees is complete. About 25-30 trees were taken out. What a difference!

Stone Mountain

I have a company meeting today and tomorrow. I got there earlier than expected today and never had noticed how pretty the water is.

Our little man is crawling

10 months 22 days. Now we need to pick up things around the house.

Spring Fling

Tonight was the Spring Fling at the school. There were inflatables, games, food...all to raise money. The kids had a great time. Of course, Henry was perfect too. Pictures

In his toy box and on the floor

Henry had his head in his toy box pulling out his toys, so I decided to go ahead and put him in it. He thought it was pretty funny. He's trying really hard to crawl. He's so, so close.


After what seems like a three month hiatus, Elizabeth finally played soccer again. Her last three or four games have been rained out. Then there was Spring Break. Now, it's back to back games the next two weekends. Oh, and baseball games on top of that for the boys. We're busy. Catch all of the action

Use the Force

Doesn't it look like he pushed the ball with his tongue?

Henry & His Momma

Aren't they so cute!!!

Easter in Valdosta

We had a fantastic time this past weekend in Valdosta visiting Beth's family. We haven't seen many of them since our wedding many moons ago. The kids and I went to a carnival on Saturday night until 11:30. No pictures from that unfortunately. Easter pictures The kids also got to swim at Laura and Marty's in the late afternoon. Mike and Brenda were able to spend some time catching up with family.

Pre-Easter in Athens

We're going to be in Valdosta next weekend for Easter, so we went to Athens this weekend to see Memaw. The weather was just perfect, the kids were wonderful, and it was so nice to see Memaw again. Pictures

Baseball in Athens

Big Daddy, Michael, Oscar and I went to the Georgia/LSU game today. Unfortunately the Dawgs lost 7-5, but it was fun nonetheless. Michael's favorite player, Matt Cerione , hit a 3-run homer and reached over the fence in center field to rob LSU of a 3-run homer. Pictures

Marietta Square

I stopped by Marietta Square on my way home today. All of the flowers were in full pretty!

Some April Fools Day Fun

I got home around 7:30 after dinner with my team from work. So what do I do for April Fools Day fun? I get the kids all wound up before they go to bed. Oh, the wifey loves me so much! Henry heard all of the chaos while Beth finished feeding him and he gave me a big smile too. He thinks we're all crazy!