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Swim season is officially over!

Tonight was the last swim meet of the season. Wooohoooo! No more six hour nights by the pool sweating our butts off! The kids had a great season; they improved so much in such a short period of time. I think we might actually have a break from any activities for the kids for the next seven or eight week...what ever will we do?

Happy Father's Day Big Daddy!

Some butt kickin'

Swim meet #4 went down tonight. Sean was over spending the night before we headed to Myrtle Beach tomorrow so he was able to enjoy the marathon that is a Cobb County swim meet. Oscar improved so much today over his last few meets. His freestyle was great; he made it a whole lap without stopping and had great technique. Elizabeth was like a little motor boat, especially in the backstroke. She was way ahead after the first 1/2 lap and held on for first place. Michael finished with four first place and one second place. He blew everyone away in the 100M IM and came from behind in the anchor leg to help his relay team win. Beth said he was 1/4 lap behind at the start of his leg. Go Michael! We're so, so proud of them. They are working really hard, shocker I know, and most importantly, they are having fun.


Now that the five-foot weeds have been cut down in the backyard, the kids can go out on the swings after dinner. Henry kept pointing at the swings until we took him out too. They now play a game where they see how far they can jump off the swing...only a couple of arguments about the rules so far.

Me, My Shadow, and My Shadow's Shadow

Gasping for air

The kids had their 4th swim meet tonight. I didn't get to take too many pictures, but I did get this one of Michael during warm up. He swam the anchor leg in the medley relay and blew away his closest competitor. It had to be his fastest 25 freestyle yet.

Buggy Ride

The theme for the photo group I am a participant of was sidewalk. When Beth took Elizabeth and Henry for a walk, I knew I had the perfect subject. He loves his buggy!

The Haircut

We're not sure who has longer hair now, Beth or Michael.

Another day at the pool

It was absolutely gorgeous out today. We spent the afternoon at the pool and had friends come over to join us. The water was a bit cold, but not bad at all after you got used to it. I entertained the kids with back flips, suicides, can openers and holding them hi like cheerleaders. I'm pooped!