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posted by Beth: Six Flags Rewind

This is me in 1979, I think. Based on the hair, clothes, picture quality and my foggy memory. I'll have to check with Mom, but this picture may be from a Six Flags visit with my grandparents, parents, aunt and her boyfriend, and sister Julie in a stroller. I remember riding the Mind Bender and Scream Machine for the first time, sitting next to Dad. And I think my grandparents -- Memaw and Pop, who were "young" forty-somethings -- rode the Mind Bender, too. Am I dreaming some of this up, Mom? Pretty sure this is another Six Flags picture. Me and Julie on a kiddie ride. Lucky for us these few photos are date-stamped on the picture. August 1994. I would have been 20 years old. Was at Six Flags for fun with a friend. Remember the Great Gasp? Serious butterflies suffered from that ride. Shame it is no longer there. The carousel is also a gem, I love it but my kids have little to no interest in it. Didn't have time for it when we went today. July 2007, I took M

Six Flags

Another crazy day for the Kriebels. We took on Six Flags today. The kids each had free tickets for a reading accomplishment this past school year; it was so easy for them to achieve since they love to read anyway. It was hot, it was crowded, but it was neither too hot nor too crowded. The lines weren't bad at all and there is a really cool water park now too. I was pretty disappointed I didn't bring my suit. Beth and I decided that after Henry's ride on the slip-n-slide yesterday he would have loved the gigantic water slides at Six Flags.


Oscar was over at a friend's house this afternoon, so I set up the slip-n-slide for Michael and Elizabeth. Then I thought, hmmm, I bet Henry would like this. Oh was I ever right. The first couple times, he went down on Michael and Elizabeth's lap, then I decided to let him go solo. I put him on his belly and gave him a good shove. He flew down the slide, hit the pool of water on the end, looked up, and started laughing. What a great time! These are the moments I really cherish; I never thought I'd push a one-year-old down a slip-n-slide.

The neighborhood pool is C-O-L-D!! the kids tell me. There was no way I was getting in since the sun was down. Michael, Elizabeth and Oscar were completely frozen. Compared to the pool in Florida which was up over 90 degrees (no lie) anything will feel cold. Oscar saw me taking pictures, so I was showing him a couple of techniques. He really wants his own camera; I told him to ask Santa. Shiver, shiver...his teeth were chattering (I was teaching Oscar about catch lights) Oscar the Giant (Learning about perspective in a picture here) The Invisible Man (and finally, learning about shutter speeds)

The Long Drive Home

Well, we managed to once again add several hours to a trip home from vacation. What should have been an 8-9 hour trip took 12 hours. I'm not sure how we do it, but we sure are consistent. Beth gave me permission to do a bit more fishing in the early morning before we left. I caught a flounder (which I threw back), a mackerel, and a red grouper. They are filleted and ready to eat. We left Pass-A-Grille at 11:15, stopped for lunch, then potty, then ice cream, then potty, then gas, then potty, then dinner, then home. We pulled in the driveway at a smooth 12 hours. The kids before we left (now that I think about it, we should have taken a "kids when we got home" picture too). Don't they look fired up for the drive home? Some Florida citrus place on the way home. I have no idea where, since it took us SIX HOURS to get out of Florida. Henry was so happy to be out of his car seat Oscar offered to help drive. He must have known we were going crazy.

A Family Portrait Day

The fishing this morning did not result in a catch...booooo! We went to Tampa to meet Grandmother, Big Daddy and Uncle Johnny (or "the greatest" as he has Michael call him) for lunch at Hooters (Grandmother's favorite restaurant). She looks terrific and still has her wonderful laugh. Big Daddy came over in the late afternoon and went to the pool with the kids. Before he got there, I took Henry for a walk, stopped to take a few portraits, then sat in the shade near the beach while he napped away in the cool breeze; It was so wonderful! This evening was family portrait night too. We got a couple decent shots. Any favorites from today's pictures? We think there is one in particular of Henry that Ma will love.

Happy Birthday Twinnies!

We can't believe they are seven already. It seems like just the other day that we brought two tiny little muffins home with us. Next thing we know, Henry will be seven (that means O & E are 14 and Michael is almost 16...SCARY!). Our friends Cliff and Heather came over today with their boys and spent the afternoon at the beach with us and were brave enough to stay for dinner. Our boys got along so well.


While I was at the pool with the kids after lunch, Beth went for a walk around town. She found some things unique to Pass-A-Grille.

Our first catch

What a great way to start off Oscar & Elizabeth's birthday. I took the boys fishing this morning at Eckerd since we weren't getting any bites near our place. We got a couple of bites almost immediately, then after about 30 minutes we finally caught amberjack. The fish went from pole to skillet to Michael's mouth in less than two hours. Now THAT is fresh fish. It was very, very good too. We also saw two dolphin swim right under us and shortly after that we saw about a 3-foot bonnethead shark. I used to catch those all of the time.

Fishing & Sunburn

The kids slept until 9!!! That's right, 9! After breakfast I took the kids down the street to fish. We only got a couple of bites, but the boys loved catching the bait. They called Beth and told her we "hit the jackpot" when we caught 20-30 bait fish. Oscar was the official "bait man" since he loved sticking his hand in the bucket to snatch them out for me. We're going to try again tomorrow, but Oscar is insisting that I buy him his own rod. The afternoon was spent at the beach again. Our new canopy tent has been wonderful; we have plenty of shade all day. However, if you spend the whole day in the water, then the tent doesn't protect you all too well from the sun. Beth and the elder kids all got a decent burn today. All Henry wanted to do was crawl to the wash down. As soon as we'd put him back in his pool, he'd crawl out and take off for the shower. He'd just sit there and let the water hit him in the face or lean down and let

Early Morning Walk

This morning the kids and I went for a walk. Well, they rode their scooters and I walked. We went to the end of the peninsula and back.

A long drive, a nice visit, lots of seaweed and a way overpriced meal

It took us a total of 10 hours to make it to the beach, but we stopped along the way to visit Grandmother. She looked terrific, got to hold Henry, and the kids really enjoyed seeing her again. We hope to take her to Hooters for lunch on Thursday (her favorite). Our unit is about 200 feet from the beach. We spent an hour or so at the beach before heading to dinner at the beach bar. What a mistake that was! It was way overpriced, didn't have the grilled shrimp Michael wanted (though they did bring out grilled, shelled shrimp for Beth...I'm baffled by that one), but it was beach front and we got to watch the sunset while we waited. I'm not sure what's on the plate for tomorrow (not a decision I am permitted to make), but I'm fairly certain we'll be at the beach at some point. Henry has to eat some more sand since he only ate 1/2 the beach today. I want to do some fishing with the kids too.

Pepperoni & Cheese Sandwich

He took it from me and wouldn't let go.

July 4th Weekend

We had a wonderful July 4th weekend at St. Simons Island. This was the first visit for the kids and me, so there was a lot to see and do. Aunt Jules invited us down and we met Ma, Big Daddy and her along the way (how we met up is a funny story in itself). Friday afternoon we went to the lighthouse and waterfront park, then had crab legs for dinner. It's kind of gross how many crab legs Beth can put away. Saturday we went to the beach in the morning, then Mike and I took the boys to play golf on Jekyll Island. They have the most perfect golf course for kids. It was Oscar's first time and Michael's 3rd or 4th. They both did very well and had a great time. Their favorite part? Driving the golf carts. Oscar told me that you have to "focus" when you drive. Saturday night was spent back at the beach for fireworks. Sunday morning on our way home we went to Ft. Frederica National Monument on St. Simons Island. It's a really interesting park if you'r

Jesus Starbucks!

I was in LA all week for work, but didn't have any time at all to do anything. I was there with a colleague to train some folks so we were at the office for about 12 hours a day. We went to Hollywood on Wednesday night; that's where I finally met Jesus. First I saw him at Starbucks, then I got the opportunity to shake his hand.


Our cows

Wear the hat and get a free entrée. We'll take that any day.

Jekyll Island Bridge

We had a great day of golf with the boys on the 4th. Michael and Oscar thought the Jekyll Island Bridge was the biggest bridge ever made.

Fisherman's Outlet

If you are ever in Los Angeles, Fisherman's Outlet is by far the best place to have lunch. It's on South Central in downtown LA. It's cash only and when they run out of food, they close. Easily the best fish I have ever had. I recommend the Mahi-Mahi over fries with garlic butter drizzled on top.

Together Day

Oscar has been talking about having a "together day" (he came up with the name) ever since he got Braves tickets. We picked the Phillies game and planned the day from there. We started the morning off at Waffle House. After his ENT appointment later in the morning, we headed downtown. Our first stop was the World of Coke, then the Georgia Aquarium. Before heading to the Braves game, I took Oscar to the fountains in Centennial Olympic Park. At the end of the day (and a 4-3 Phillies loss) we were completely exhausted, well at least I was; Oscar was too hyped up on sugar. His favorite from the day...taste testing at the World of Coke (just look for the picture where I caught him mid-burp).

A new place to play

Henry has become fond of playing INSIDE the island in the kitchen. Once he goes in, everything comes out.

Turner Field - Phillies vs. Braves

Phillies game

A man was walking down the aisle, said "Hey Phillies!", we turned and he tossed us this ball. Too cool!