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Front Yard Football

Henry's First Haircut

When mommy and I sat down in a chair, A very nice lady started combing my hair. At first I thought "This isn't right!" And I began to put up a bit of a fight. But mommy was calm and smiling away So I sat very still to see what they'd say. The next thing I knew, I could see very clear No more looking through all that really long hair. And as I looked at mommy, who was smiling with joy, I knew this was the day I became a big boy! ~ Angela Badaracco

Fall Ball

It has been a wonderful weekend with the boys. They have all been very well behaved, though we have missed the girls. The boys had baseball practice yesterday afternoon. It was very different for me not being on the field, but I really enjoyed just watching (though it was hard for me to keep my mouth shut). Henry was a real trooper; almost 3 hours at the baseball fields and he hardly complained. He got in lots of practice walking.

Happy baby, hurt baby

He was having so much fun, until ten seconds after this picture when he slipped and hit his eye on the side of the tub. No shiner today somehow!

Making a Volcano

Fill a large bottle or jug 3/4 full with water Add a few large drops of dish soap Add 1/2 pack Kool Aid for color Add a few heaping teaspoons of backing soda Pour in vinegar WATCH IT BLOW!

The Old Man Rocking

Are you ready for some football?

Michael is! He's been dying to play tackle football, so this was our compromise. You should have seen his face when he got a wristband with plays on it (he's created his own in the past out of a sock, baseball card protectors, and staples).

Spaghetti Face

Off to School

I saw my last year’s teacher. Had she shrunk an inch or two? It took me time to figure, She was no shorter; I grew.

I Wish I Was A Donut

I wish I was a donut And get eaten every day To stick on someone's fingers In a most delightful way I wish I was a donut Sugar coated just for fun Full and round for easy grip And a hole to put your tongue ~ Therese

My Beautiful Daughter

My beautiful daughter You cannot know How much my heart breaks As I watch you grow In time you'll become Independent and free Always my daughter And special to me ~ Julie Copeland

Baby Blues

Blue eyes laughing in the sun Laughing in the rain Baby's got blue eyes ~Elton John

Painting Mommy's Nails

And I love you Will always love you There's nothing I won't do to say these words to you ~Good Charlotte

Toenail Art

Elizabeth and Beth used their manicure/pedicure gift certificates from Ma over the weekend. Her toes are just too cute!

Tiny Fingers

I checked, and it's been 15 days since I posted any pictures of Henry. I couldn't believe it had been that long. The theme for the day in a photo challenge group that I am a member of was "body macro: fingers." This was really easy for me today and when I thought about it, I couldn't recall having too many pictures of Henry's little hands and feet. I'll need to work on that. Well, as soon as he saw the came, he stopped, looked at me, and smiled. Be still my heart!

Together Day (2 down, 1 to go)

Sunday was "Together Day" with Michael. We are both completely exhausted one day after. We left our house for downtown around 10:30, stopped at Waffle House for an early lunch, then headed to Turner Field. (Oscar set a high standard for together days, so Michael insisted on doing everything Oscar did. And Oscar does NOT like Michael calling it "together day;" that was the name that HE came up with so it is his!) We had expected to be able to get a tour of the stadium, but apparently when the game changed to a night game (over two weeks ago) they couldn't get tours ready in time. What a joke! Alternate plans: ImagineIt. This is the feel and touch children's museum near Centennial Olympic Park. It was fun, but Michael was way too old for it. We'll go back there again once Henry is old enough. From there we went to the NWOCC, then to the sprinklers, then for some ice cream (then a nap for me while it rained and Michael played video games on my pho

Their first sleepover

This past Saturday night, I offered all of the kids to have someone sleep over. I could have sworn that I had discussed this with my superior, but apparently I did not...oops. I spent my afternoon and evening entertaining the kids while Beth prepared for the twins' birthday party. Oscar & Elizabeth both had a friend from school over for the night. Michael's friend was not able to make it, but he got over it after a few HOURS; I just don't know where he gets his stubbornness from.