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Sports Saturday

What a great day today! Michael won his football game, Elizabeth's soccer team destroyed the teams they played, and the Bulldogs won on a last second field goal.

Family Day @ Turner Field

A month or so ago Michael sent Brian a message asking him to go to a game. I worked some connections at work and got six tickets 26 rows from the field between home plate and the Braves dugout...really good seats. Brian and Big Daddy met Michael, Oscar, Elizabeth and me for a rain filled game, one which we had to leave early due to the basement flooding at home. For those not in Atlanta, it's been raining like crazy for days and I mean heavy, heavy rain. I read the lake was up 9" in the last three days. Thanks for going Mike and Brian! The kids and I loved it.

Touchdown Kriebel

Michael scored his first touchdown today! He took the hand off, ran around the corner, and he was off to the races. He also saved the game by intercepting on the last play of the game. Way to go Michael!

The Friendly Confines

Wrigley Field is nicknamed The Friendly Confines, a phrase popularized by "Mr. Cub", Hall of Famer Ernie Banks. Since 2006, its capacity has been 41,118, making Wrigley Field the fourth-smallest actively used ballpark. It is the oldest National League ballpark and the second oldest active major league ballpark (after Fenway Park on April 20, 1912), and the only remaining Federal League park. I have been wanting to go to Wrigley for a long time; it's one of those ballparks that just have to experience if you're a serious baseball fan. Incredible, the only word that come close to describing the field and the atmosphere.

Steelers lose a heart breaker

Michael's flag football team lost a heart breaker 26-18 on the final play of the game. Michael nearly scored on the very first play. He took the handoff, cut around the corner, back across the field and was about to score when he tripped over his own feet. He had an interception late in the game and another one on an extra point. It was so much fun to watch him play football.

Sometimes you just kick back and watch

Almost Conjoined Twins

Today's theme was diptych, which basically means two is better than one. Naturally I thought of the twins, so I took one picture of each and stitched them together. It turned out way better than I thought. And Elizabeth wanted to model.

Fielding & Hitting

Field of Dreams

Look for Oscar testing out his new cup. He is so, so funny! I trust in God I love my country And will respect its laws I will play fair And strive to win But win or lose I will always do my best ~ Little League Pledge Personal note: I read this when I was 9 at the 12 yr old state championship game that our league hosted...Dad was the President of Plymouth Little League at the time, a position he held for at least a decade, maybe 15 years.
God loves little boys and all that they do Exploring and laughing and roughhousing, too. ~ Unknown