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Team USA

The season is winding down for Elizabeth's soccer team, but there is still plenty of excitement to be had. They played fabulous again today. I'm looking forward to their game tomorrow against the 9-10 year olds. It'll be fun to see how they do on a big field. This first picture might be my favorite of all of the sports pictures I have taken. Elizabeth's technique is absolutely perfect...and yes, she crushed this one.

Attack of the Pumpkins

Yesterday was our annual visit to the church pumpkin patch, a fund raiser for the youth program. Needless to say, the kids loved it. They run like crazy in and out of the pumpkins, picking up every one. And of course they fight as to who gets to pull the wagon and who gets to drag Henry around, even though he doesn't want to be touched. Another wonderful day out with the wifey and kids.

Niagara Falls

This past Monday I traveled to Toronto for work. I flew into Buffalo and on the drive to Toronto I stopped by Niagara Falls. Other than it being relatively cold and very windy, it was a great experience. I doubt there will ever be another time I would go, and I don't think I'd want to go again anyway. While visiting the country's oldest National Park was unique, it's certainly not worth more than a day trip.


Another typical Saturday filled with sports, the big exception being that it was significantly colder. The low this morning was 37. By the time Elizabeth's game started it was in the mid-40s, but it was very windy. Michael had his flag football game and convinced himself that he didn't need a shirt under his jersey. Beth said he lasted all of two minutes before asking for a sweatshirt. Every was very bundled up, but only Big Daddy and I stuck it out for the whole time.

Team USA

One Inning, Two Ks

Michael was so excited, yet so nervous for his first time ever pitching. He did really well...a couple walks, two strikeouts and a ground out. It made me proud to see him out there.