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Tournament Champs!!!

Elizabeth's soccer team was invited to play in the NASA Fall Rec Finale this past weekend. It's a pretty big deal to be invited to a tournament at another club, and the girls sure took advantage of the opportunity. Elizabeth was the midfield maestro and set up a bunch of goals through her perfect passing between defenders.

The aggregate score across all four games was 19-1, yes you read that right. The only goal they gave up was when their goalie was chased by a bee.


Their play was impressive to say the least. For those that know soccer, it's quite an accomplishment to get the players to spread out at U8. Not only did Elizabeth's team do that, but they all looked up when they received the ball and passed fantastically. There were passes and moves in each game that left all of the parents in awe. They have a fabulous coach and it showed.

The pictures of Elizabeth are in the slideshow below, but if you're interested in seeing all of the pictures from t…

A Beautiful Fall Day

The sun is out, the air is warm, the trees are turning. What a perfect day!