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Showing posts from December, 2009

Working the Clay

Crayola Factory, Easton, PA

Sometimes you get your head ripped off and laugh about it

The Candy Chart Thief

I caught him red-handed stealing a Hershey's Kiss. I took it and he freaked out, ran into the other room, got on his hands and knees, put his head on the ground and started bawling. He thinks he is sooooo sneaky. I finally gave in and he immediately stopped crying, laughed, stuff the chocolate in his mouth and smiled. You can even see the tear in his eye as he puts the Kiss in his mouth. What a turkey!

Tough Guy

One of Henry's new things is to walk around with his hands in his pockets. I missed getting a shot of him with both hands in his pockets, but at least we have one. He also like to walk around with his chest all puffed out like he's a tough guy. What a funny little dude!

Got Milk?

This is what happens when you hear the clanging of silverware across the house and you can't see your 18 month old.

Welcome to Moe's!

A Quick Visit with Santa

Santa made a quick pit stop over at the Avenues West Cobb today. We hurried over to get in line, but Henry didn't really care for it. Can you tell? Elizabeth was all about telling Santa what she wanted.