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Last place is sometimes 6th place means disheartened, discouraged, despondent, dispirited, unhappy, miserable. The pinebox car derby can do this to a young boy's soul. Oscar competed for the first time and describing his feelings as dejected is a gross understatement. To put it mildly, his car was not so good. Six races, sixth place each race. I told him that his numbers multiply to the highest number; it didn't help. His original design was a dragster, but it turned out to be 1/16" too narrow, so we had to improvise. Maybe we should have improvised some more. When you look through the pictures, I'm sure you'll be able to tell which one is Oscar's by looking at the paint job. He sure loved getting the car ready to rumble.

Dockweiler State Park - Los Angeles

I was in LA this past week for my third trip in a year and I finally had the chance to go to the beach to take some sunset pictures. The weather and beach were absolutely gorgeous. It had rained on Tuesday, so all of the smog was washed away; it was crystal clear and breezy at the beach. There was a bone washed up on the beach that I took a picture of. When I first saw it, I thought it was a human bone, but I thought there was no way it could be. I showed it to Beth when I got home and she told me I should have called the police. She watches too much CSI, but now I feel guilty.

Henry & Henry

Each of our kids has received a miniature version of themselves from their Great Grandmother. Henry was too small last year to hold his and we had to get a picture before we put the Christmas decorations back in the attic for another year.

Kriebel Family Portraits

New Year's Eve Snow

What a great surprise to wake up on New Year's Eve to an inch or so of snow. It was perfect snowball snow. We all headed out in the cold for a good old fashioned snowball fight. We had a great time. Henry loved traipsing around and having snow thrown at him. There was a sudden stop to all of the fun though when I hit Elizabeth in the nose with a snowball and gave her a double bloody nose...boy I felt guilty.

Academy of Natural Sciences

We recently became members at the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta and one of the benefits of membership is reciprocal access to a host of museums throughout the country. One of those is the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia. It was a nice family outing for the day; just about the right amount of time and interactivity for the kids. The drive in and out of the city is always nice too.

Crayola Factory

Tuesday we headed to Easton, PA to visit the Crayola Factory. To that point, Tuesday had been by far the coldest day. It was 18 degrees and with 40 mph winds. I don't know how people can live in this weather, though maybe they just don't know how good we have it down South. The Crayola Factory is very hands-on, so it's perfect for this kids. They had the chance to make a greeting card, use watercolor paints, draw on glass, play with sidewalk chalk, make something out of hot crayon wax and use their imagination to build with clay. It's always interesting to see what they create when left to themselves.

Independence Mall

We spent Monday the 29th down in the city. It was cold and windy and we hadn't planned on doing much outside, but things turned out otherwise. I had call the parks department in the morning and they told me it wasn't busy and there shouldn't be a need to make a reservation to go into Independence Hall. So, I didn't make one and of course when we got there all tickets had been gobbled up. Needless to say the troops weren't real happy. Instead we took a carriage ride through the historic district. The ride was only 30 minutes, so the cold didn't become too extreme and unbearable. We ate lunch at the Bourse and then went to the Federal Reserve, which really wasn't too interesting. The highlight of the day, or maybe it's really the lowlight, was on the way walking to the Fed...Oscar nearly got run over by a bus. He started to cross an intersection without looking, but a woman grabbed him by the hood and might have literally saved his life. We got o

Christmas in PA

After an overnight drive that included 3+ hours in the pea soup fog of Virginia, we arrived in PA on Saturday morning December 26th in record time, 13.5 hours...2.5 hours less than last time. Sunday evening the family gathered for our gift exchange. It's so much fun to have all of the family together, but we're running out of room since there are 13 grandkids.