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The Imitator

At Michael's game today, Henry was cracking us up. He kept imitating whatever Oscar did. If Oscar leaned against the fence, so did Henry. If Oscar sat on the ground and crossed his legs, that's what Henry did. What a funny little man! Oh, and in case you are wondering, no, Michael does not have a pony tail, his hair is just THAT long. I told him the coach had a rule that hair had to be closely cropped, but then Michael said he would quit. I didn't mean to make him upset, so I had to tell him I was just joking.

Kick Between the Eyes

I didn't get to watch Oscar's first soccer game last weekend, but I made it today and witnessed him taking a missle off the middle of his forehead. It knocked him flat on his back, he cried a bit, but I told him to go over to the sidelines and pour some cold water on it. He's fine, not even a mark.

It is ok to go to Disney without your kids, right?

This week I had a three-day meeting at Boardwalk in Disney. When I found out, I told Beth that she was coming. I didn't ask, I told her she was coming...she deserves a break. And my wonderful mother-in-law came over to spend time with the kids...we so appreciate it. While I was at work, Beth went to the parks. Wednesday night we went to Epcot and had a great dinner at a Japanese steakhouse, had a nice stroll around the park after the fireworks show, then had a way too big ice cream cone. Beth went to Magic Kingdom on Thursday while I went on a behind the scenes tour with work. We noticed we forgot to do one thing...take a picture of us together. So, I suppose there's no evidence we were actually there together.

a hot dog, a cold drink and baseball

It's been both tougher and easier to have Henry at Michael's baseball games. Last year we were spoiled because he was still in the stroller and would just chill out. This year, it's a bit easier because we don't have to carry him, he'll eat concession stand food and he'll sit on the bleachers. However, it's tougher this year because he won't let us carry him, he'll wear the concession stand food instead of eating it, and he'll sit on the bleachers...for about 10 seconds. He's a trooper though!


This spring some of the fundamentals he's learned the past few years finally seem to be clicking in. He's played very well so far and his swing looks much, much better. Here's hoping he's able to keep it up all spring.

Opening Day

It was a balmy 27' when we got to the ballpark this morning for the opening ceremonies. Michael's team played incredible defense today and recorded a 5-0 shutout. Michael went 1 for 2 and pitched an inning. He's having so much fun.