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A Coke and A Cow

Braves game, Friday April 16th

Easter in Athens

As is our tradition, we went to Memaw's for Easter with Beth's family. For some reason, the day before Easter I started a "no sugar" diet. Not sure why, I think Beth was telling me about a show she saw, but it was a crazy time to start...Memaw made her Easter cake. Well, it's been 8 weeks or so now without sugar and I've never felt better, so maybe getting all of the temptation out at once was worth it.

Surviving the Crush

We're members of the Fernbank Museum now, so we headed down on Easter Saturday for their egg hunt. The weather was beautiful, but it was utter madness. Elizabeth got trampled by the crush of the crowd (see the mad, teary-eyed face); otherwise everyone else survived. Our only disappointment was missing the toddler egg hunt for Henry (traffic was brutal!).