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Henry's 2nd Birthday

It's hard to believe that Henry will be 2 on Sunday...I thought for sure he was turning 9 this year. Beth arranged a GREAT birthday party for Henry and his little buddies at a nearby park and it was fabulous. She always does such a great job.

The pool is open and racing has begun

No rest for the weary. Soccer and baseball just finished, we thought we had a break, but then swimming started. They've been practicing for a couple weeks now in the freezing cold pool and last night was their first meet, well it was a practice meet. Five more meets to go, but who's counting? I mean, they're only 4-5 hours long, who wouldn't want to do that every Tuesday night?

Tournament Champs!!!

This is not a duplicate post from last fall. Elizabeth's team has won another tournament championship, at the same club none the less. The tournament director joking told them they keep coming to their club and stealing their trophies. We're so proud of her, she really played well. The highlight was a free kick she took from about 10 yards out. She absolutely blasted it. It hit off the forehead on one of the girls on the other team and went in the goal.

A new team in town...the Atlanta Beat

There is a new WPS team in Atlanta, the Atlanta Beat, and they are a franchise in the women's pro league. I took the kids to the home opener (and stadium opener) and we met some other girls from Elizabeth's team. The stadium is beautiful, plush green grass, great seats, good food, free parking, the whole nine yards. I highly recommend going to watch them if you're in town.

Evening in the Garden

Evening in the Garden is a yearly event at our school where the kids present things they've worked on through the year or give a show of some sort. This year they also re-dedicated the memorial garden at the entrance to the school. Oscar & Elizabeth's teacher was presented a gift. Oscar worked on a bat project and wore the whole get up as he wrangled any parent or grandparent that walked by him so he could tell them all about bats.

Oscar's Soccer Team - Spring 2010