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Slip Slidin' Away

The pool was closed, it was hotter than heck outside and Henry was getting ornery. What's a Dad to do? Get out the slip 'n slide. Only Elizabeth wanted to play with Henry (I imagine the big brothers were too busy with video games). I helped push Henry down the first couple of times, but then I told him to back up and gave him the old: READY! SET! GO!

Football Starlet

Speed and agility camp started for Michael tonight, but little sister wanted to try on the helmet. Elizabeth was so proud of him as he ran onto the field, though I'm sure she would never tell him that.

July 4th = a parade & a party

Finally, we were home for a 4th of July weekend. Last year we were in St. Simons, we were at the beach for a couple years, and I can't remember where else we've been. It's been four years (or something like that) since the kids got to ride their bikes in the neighborhood parade. That night we went to a friends' house for a party and some fireworks. Good times! Here are couple of my favorites and the slideshow.

Michael's Baseball Card Shop

Michael has really gotten into baseball cards lately. He loves getting into my old cards and looking up their values on the Internet; he found a Cal Ripken rookie card in the stash. In case you're in need of employment, he's hiring. Oscar's his first employee and he's sure fired up about the weekly wages. He made all of this up by himself. It's amazing what the kids come up with when they don't play video games.

Mow the lawn or I'll shoot!

McCall Zerboni - Elizabeth's Inspiration

I've had the pleasure of taking Elizabeth to two Atlanta Beat games now. The first game was pretty awesome since it was the home opener, but the game on June 23rd was so much cooler! ELIZABETH WALKED THE TEAM ONTO THE FIELD!!! She walked on the field with Lori Chalupny . I also pointed out to her that the Atlanta goalie, Hope Solo, and the Philly left back, Heather Mitts, both play for the US National Team. She says her favorite player is McCall Zerboni . I asked her why, and she said "because she's short, fast and pretty." At halftime, she played on the field with other girls from the Y. A really cool night for me too!

Memorial Day at the Beach

The day after our visit with Grandmother we headed to the beach to see who could get burnt first. The highlight of the day had to be swimming next to manatees. We got within a few feet of them, but as they swam back around the pier, Michael, Oscar and I got stuck in the undertow and slammed into the rocks. We had the cuts and bleeding feet to prove it. I don't think we'll do that again.

Grandmother's 80th Birthday

We went to Tampa over Memorial Day weekend for Grandmother's 80th birthday. For me, it's getting tougher and tougher to see her going through Alzheimer's; I can't even begin to image what it's like for Beth, her Dad and the rest of their family. I found this great poem called "The Long Good-Bye" that sums it up well for me. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deep within that hollow stare, of our presence they're unaware. A special life that's fading away, in spite of things we try to convey. Memories locked up in their mind, and there it's kept all confined. The good times spent long ago, with all their love they did bestow. For these moments will live forever, and our pride in them will endeavor. Seeing them lying there we know why, Alzheimer's is called the long good-bye. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Some Summer Fun

It's been hot most days this summer, and hotter the rest. I'll take it over snow any day.