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Saturday with the Stinchcombs

Thanksgiving, take 2.  Jeffrey, Courtney (Chad’s wife) and Brant (Courtney’s son) came over for the day to see Memaw and the family.  OUr kids spent two days in Athens playing with their cousins while Beth and I got to spend some time alone with Henry.  It’s amazing how much quieter it is when you only have one child.  We don’t get to see everyone often enough and the kids already miss their cousins.  Hopefully it won’t be another year until we see everyone again.  We had some fun today playing flag football in the front yard (I think tackle would have been less rough).  Uncle Bob declared Elizabeth the MVP; she, Austin and Oscar won 104-86.

Giving Thanks

Off to Athens we went again this year for Thanksgiving.  While we all ate too much food and enjoyed each other’s company, our thoughts drifted to Beth’s cousin Chad who is serving our country with the Marines in Afghanistan.  We miss having him at our family gatherings; he loves his spot at the kids table.  We forgot to have Chocolate Plow for dessert in his honor. Bob, Austin and Kirbea welcomed us from Florida when we arrived and the kids played as if they had just seen each other.  We typically only see Austin and Kirbea once per year so their constant, rapid growth continues to amaze us.  They are growing into young adults right before our eyes. View all of the pictures from our great day here .        

Soccer Starlet

Tough one to swallow this weekend for the Strikers.  They played awesome, but fell just short in overtime to a team a year older.  As the season winds down, I thought I’d share some pictures of Elizabeth at team picture day and some from the tournament this weekend.  We’re so, so proud of the effort she puts into each and every practice and game.     

Mickey, Frankenstein, Lady Dracula and a White Ninja

Henry got more compliments than we've ever received in the past for a costume, though everyone kept saying "she" looked so cute. Don't they know Minnie has a bow? Hardly anyone recognized Michael. The loot was ridiculous and Beth can't wait to tear into it all!