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Michael & Jack – Then & Now

It turns out that Michael & Jack were actually four when they went to their first Braves game together.  Check out this picture from Sept 23, 2005 and then from this past Friday.  Our boys are growing so quickly.

Michael & Jack – The best of friends

Time goes by so quickly.  Michael and Jack have been friends since they were a mere three months old.  We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to go to Braves games with Jack and his Dad over the years (I think we first went to a game together when they were five).  This past Friday we had nearly the best seats in the house, between the Braves’ dugout and home plate, six rows from the bottom.  Incredible seats. While these seats were terrific, Michael & Jack quickly found open seats behind the dugout and went in search of autographs.  They didn’t get any, but they did spend two innings in those seats.  When they came back, Chipper was warming up to bat right in front of us.  I told Michael to run down the steps and tickle him; he didn’t take the dare. We had to leave earlier than we would have liked because of their baseball tournament this weekend.  However, it was awesome while it lasted.  View all of the pictures here .

Henry has been a trooper!

It seems to us like an almost 3-yr old should have a somewhat regular schedule, but not our Henry, not with our crazy schedules.  Henry has spent an incredible amount of time at the ball park this spring and has, for the most part, been very adaptable.  Last night he was hamming it up for the camera.

End of Season Party

Elizabeth’s first season of Academy soccer wraps up this weekend, but not before a great team party.  Her Coach and his wife were incredibly gracious to host the party at the neighborhood pool.  Just about everyone on the team showed up, along with many, many siblings. We’re sad the season is almost over, but it picks back up after Memorial Day.  No rest for the weary!  

Some call me brave, some call me crazy

Tomorrow (May 8th) is Coke’s 125th anniversary.  Today Coke celebrated the anniversary by throwing a party for the employees at Centennial Olympic Park and Pemberton Plaza.  I rounded up enough tickets for Elizabeth to take five of her friends (yes, it was me and six girls).  Everyone thought I was crazy!  I must say one thing…these are the best behaved girls EVER!!!   I couldn’t have asked for anything more. The event included a concert featuring Natasha Bedingfield, Neo, some band from the UK that was way too loud, and Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly was amazing; what a voice!  After several Cokes, italian ice, and soft pretzels, I took the girls over to the fountains for some fun.  They said the water was cold, but that didn’t stop them.  The only thing that could was when the fountains were turned off and they closed the park 15 minutes after they started running around. Before we headed back for the car, we stopped off at Pemberton Plaza so the girls could design their own Coke bot

The many faces of Henry

Cleaning out the camera tonight, as you can probably tell from all of the blog posts, and ran across some funny pictures of Henry from this year.  I also noticed that he’s in his PJs in all but one of the pictures, but then again, he does wear them just about all day every day.

Strikers take on Cobb FC

Last weekend Elizabeth’s team played one of their biggest rivals.  Unfortunately they didn’t come out on the winning end and they really didn’t play good soccer, but they had fun and five minutes after the game they totally forgot about it.  Oh to be a kid again. One of Elizabeth’s best friends and long-time teammate plays for the opposing team and they had a big hug at the end of the game.  Too cute! Also, we love it when the boys help with Henry, but they sure scared us this time when they took him up on the top of the huge hill and then ran down the face of it.  Fortunately Henry took his time; we thought for sure he’d end up rolling down in a heap.

The Sand Gnats and their biggest jinx

I haven’t see too many of Michael’s baseball games this year.  There have been tons of conflicts with soccer and I have also taken the kids home so that Beth can watch without kids in tow.  It wasn’t until Apr 29th that I finally got to take some pictures.  Michael has been having a very good season and was asked to tryout for all-stars (We’ll know by Tuesday if he made the team). At times, I’ve been asked not to attend.  Why?  Because they were 0-3 when I was in attendance.  Can’t say I blame them for asking me to stay home. At this particular game, the pre-game meal was McDonalds.  I think dessert was a slushy…mid-week ballpark dinner at it’s finest. In this slideshow, check out Michael’s swing.  There’s an action sequence that turned out pretty well.  He can’t wait for Tuesday.  Fingers crossed he makes the team.

A family Easter

This year for Easter, we had special visitors from Pennsylvania: Mom, Dad, Stephanie and Malcolm.  They arrived late on Thursday so I took a half day off on Friday and we went to the World of Coke .  Stephanie has never been to Atlanta, so this seemed like a logical place to visit since we only had 1/2 day.  Something is wrong though…she said the Beverly wasn’t too bad.  If you’ve ever tried it, you know what I mean. Easter Saturday was filled with sports; 2 soccer games, a baseball game and a 5K for Beth.  My brother, sisters and I were all very active in sports, so my Mom, of course, said this was nothing.  I’m sure I’ll know what she means once Henry starts playing sports and we have to shuttle four kids around. Ma, Big Daddy, Julie and Memaw came over for Easter Sunday.  We ate way too much!  The kids got a croquet set from the Easter bunny and they had a blast beating their Aunt Stephanie (not sure where the competitive edge comes from).  Sadly, they had to go home on Monday,