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Some call me brave, some call me crazy

Tomorrow (May 8th) is Coke’s 125th anniversary.  Today Coke celebrated the anniversary by throwing a party for the employees at Centennial Olympic Park and Pemberton Plaza.  I rounded up enough tickets for Elizabeth to take five of her friends (yes, it was me and six girls).  Everyone thought I was crazy! 

I must say one thing…these are the best behaved girls EVER!!!  I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

The event included a concert featuring Natasha Bedingfield, Neo, some band from the UK that was way too loud, and Kelly Clarkson.  Kelly was amazing; what a voice! 

After several Cokes, italian ice, and soft pretzels, I took the girls over to the fountains for some fun.  They said the water was cold, but that didn’t stop them.  The only thing that could was when the fountains were turned off and they closed the park 15 minutes after they started running around.

Before we headed back for the car, we stopped off at Pemberton Plaza so the girls could design their own Coke bottles.  Hopefully their parents will frame them; they did an awesome job!

Girls, thanks for making it such a memorable day!  I feel quite blessed that Elizabeth has such wonderful friends.


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