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Christmas w/ Santa

Christmas w/ Santa , a set on Flickr. We have such a wonderful Santa at our mall. We're so thankful that the older kids still enjoy going.

Michael’s 11th Birthday

He’s getting so grown up, right before our eyes.  Happy 11th birthday Michael!

Our little baker

Brenda & Memaw's first trip to the World of Coke

World of Coke - Dec 2011 , a set on Flickr. We had a great day today with Brenda and Memaw at the World of Coke today. Of course, the kids loved taking in all the sugar they could. Every time we do, we have a great time. We can't go often enough!

Elizabeth’s Last Fall Tournament

This past weekend Elizabeth’s team played in their last tournament for the fall season.  They ended up losing all three games, but the last game was pure entertainment.  It very well may have been the best we’ve ever seen Elizabeth play.  We’re so proud of how hard she works and how far she has come with her game.  She performed some skills we’ve never seen her do before, like a Rivelino!