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A day at the Braves

What a great (and long) day!  We left the house for a 1:30 Braves game at 10:40 and got home around 6:40.  We basically did everything you can at the game.  Toon town apparently isn’t around anymore (it was replaced by a Taco Mac) so that was a no go.  We did speed pitching, hitting, and running the bases.  Oh, lots of junk food too. We started at the speed pitching.  Henry didn’t register on the radar gun, but his form was top notch.  Oscar was in the high 30s-low 40s and Michael topped out at 49.  Of course, he said he wasn’t loose or he would have been throwing much harder.  Excuses, excuses! We moved on to hitting and Michael thought he was too cool to hit Wiffle balls, but he should have watched Oscar.  He was stroking the ball right up the middle.  Not bad for a guy that hasn’t played baseball in two years. Henry had the crowd cheering for him.  He was so serious! After hitting, we made it out to left field for BP.  Michael made me, and everyo

The joy of watching Elizabeth play soccer

It seemed like forever since I had been able to see Elizabeth play.  With all of the baseball commitments and conflicts, there simply hasn’t been a time when I’ve been able to watch her. Michael’s team tanked out of their latest tournament early on Sunday, so we rushed over the her game.  I sure love watching her play.  She has so much enthusiasm and drive and simply enjoys playing. And, of course, her brothers had to get on the field at halftime and try to strut their stuff (but they have nothing on their sis).

Henry’s Big Haircut

He’s getting to be such a big boy.  I want him to stay little forever!

Easter in Athens

Family, food and fun; that’s what Easter is all about in Athens (and celebrating Easter of course).  The kids have come accustomed to seeing their cousins Austin and Kirbea at this time of the year, but it couldn’t be worked out unfortunately.  However, the festivities continued and the ultra-competitive Kriebel kids went on their Easter egg hunt. Aunt Jules did an unbelievable job hiding the eggs this year.  By far the best hiding yet! Beth told the kids that the Elmo eggs were only for Henry.  Henry got a head start, but funny enough, he took Beth literally and would ONLY look for the Elmo eggs.  Gotta watch what you say around him. Thank you to Memaw for hosting and to Memaw, Ma, Big Daddy and Beth for providing a delicious meal.

Pre-Spring Break Day at the Parks

Unfortunately Michael’s team didn’t fare so well in their baseball tournament today, but that left us some time for a quick hike and a trip to “The Big Red Playground”. We ventured over to Price Park near our home, which we’d never been too.  It’s a relatively new park that’s basically a few small hiking trails.  It has a couple nice places to sit on benches in the shade and what appear to be many decent fishing holes.  We’ll have to go back with our poles next time. As you can probably tell, Henry had to play a bit of catch up since his little legs don’t move quite as fast as they needed to. The longest trail was almost a mile long, but it was too muddy to walk completely, so we cut the hike short and headed to Lost Mountain Park and one of the kids’ favorite playgrounds.  I think it’s Oscar that named it The Big Red Playground oh so many years ago.  Inevitably a game of tag breaks out and fortunately there were no bones broken. Now the kids are off to Flor