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Henry’s Baseball Birthday Party

About 2 minutes after Henry’s 3rd birthday party ended, he had already made up his mind about birthday #4.  He wanted a baseball party.  Easy enough, right?  Beth once again did an awesome job with the party, which we held at Oregon Park, where Michael and Oscar used to play ball.  How cool are those invitations!!! The highlight for Henry surely was getting to run the bases and slide into home.  He’s still a bit confused about how old he really is.  He says he turned 4 when he had a party at school, 5 at his baseball birthday party, and soon to be 6 on his actual birthday.  Don’t bother trying to correct him though, he’s pretty insistent.

A rare weekend away with Beth in San Francisco

Pitching in the Championship Game

While Beth and I were away in San Francisco this past weekend, Michael’s team has their best tournament of the year, making it all the way to the finals.  Of course they have to do it when we're gone. Michael was given the honor of starting the championship game after pitching well in the semis.  One of the reasons we chose to play with GPA is because of their solid knowledge of pitching.  It looks like all of the hard work he put in through the winter is finally paying off (touch wood!).  Now if only I can get him to follow all the way through on his throws.  Baby steps! Thanks must go to his coach for giving him a chance to prove himself.  The competitiveness has helped drive Michael and he understands that he must do well to keep getting the opportunities. Pictures are courtesy of our wonderful scorekeeper/photographer Lyne Castonguay.