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Paris in a Day

Thursday morning I headed to Paris with my boss and another co-worker for a Tableau event. Living in the US, I'd heard about the Eurostar train, but getting to Paris in two hours was hard to fathom. It was a pretty incredible experience. The train leaves from St. Pancras station, so I took the tube from Southfields around 6:30am (I take about an hour to get to St. Pancras from where I live). From there, we hopped on the train, topping out at 182 mph. After arriving at Gard Du Nord, the train station in Paris which is much dirtier than it’s counterpart in London, our taxi driver took us on quite a round-about way to the conference location, but that didn’t bother me as it allowed me to take in more of the amazing French architecture. We only had a few minutes to eat lunch and decided to eat in the hotel (Four Season George V) and it was CRAZY expensive. This meal, as tiny as it is, was €57. The trip back to the train station after the event was event better. The driver took us past

KriebelFest 2015 - Sue’s Revenge!

WARNING: This is a long post with lots of pictures. I could not have asked for a better last week in California before heading off for my adventure in London. My parents arrived last Wednesday and my brother’s family arrived Friday morning (they were supposed to get here Thursday night; that’s another story for another time). This was the first time that any of them have visited since we’ve lived in California. To give you some context: There are six of us in my family. Add in my two parents. Throw in my brother, his wife and five of their kids. We have a 5 bedroom house. What does this all mean? Bodies everywhere! And as the Grinch would say: But you know what? We’d have it no other way! Our kids absolutely love and adore their cousins and they all get along great. We spent Friday around the house to let the kids get settled in, but like any other time the Kriebels get together, it turned into something competitive. Friday night, the adults went for dinner at First Street Ale House in