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Palace Half Marathon - King Henry's Race

With the Madrid marathon a short five weeks away, my training is getting pretty intense. So far I've had one 20 mile run and the next two weeks are the toughest in the program. This past week was an "easy" week, which meant lighter mileage at a slower pace. I really enjoy these recovery weeks every four weeks and this past weekend planned in a half marathon with Beth at Hampton Court Palace. We chose those race for its proximity to our house as well as being a very familiar route. It starts at the main entrance to Hampton Court (home of King Henry VIII) and ends in the Palace gardens. I've run most of this route many times before. The races started in waves due to the tight towpath along the river. I started in wave 1, Beth was in wave 7. This was her first half in a few years, certainly her first since we moved to London. I like to have a latte pick-me-up before I start my runs, so as we were a bit early, we headed to the cafe. We also knew this would have t