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My Brother's First Visit to London

To say we were all excited for Dave's first visit to London would be a massive understatement. Dave had a planned business trip to Dublin and we're grateful that he was able to stop by London along the way. We only had two days though, so what do you try to squeeze in? I picked Dave up at the airport early Saturday morning, with a couple of the kids coming along not being able to contain their excitement at their crazy Uncle's arrival. But we're Kriebels, which means there's no time to rest. We decide to stay close to home on Saturday, meaning the obligatory visitor to our local 500 year old palace, Hampton Court, home to King Henry VIII (quite the fascinating character indeed). We took the bus, to give Dave a true London experience. Beth basically now had a 5th child to look after. We left the kids at home and headed to our favorite pub ( The Grey Horse ) for dinner, where we met our other friend, John Casey, who was in town to take in some fo