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An Evening Stroll in Nuremberg

I'm on a quick work trip to Nuremberg to talk to a company we work closely with about data analytics and data visualization. As the meetings start early in the day tomorrow, that meant I had to come the day before and spend the night. Tough gig! Being the tourist that I am and having a bit of time to kill as the sun set, I went for stroll in the area surrounding my hotel. From my hotel I walked uphill to the Imperial Castle of Nuremberg . According to the Castle's website: The Imperial Castle is the symbol of Nuremberg. Since the Middle Ages its silhouette has represented the power and importance of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation and the outstanding role of the imperial city of Nuremberg. Once inside the walls, you're struck with some amazing timbered houses. I can only assume people live here because there were cars outside each one. Walk around to the right and suddenly you are facing Sinwell Tower . Apparently you can climb up inside...bummed I di